The Foundation was founded in 2019 to provide financial assistance and support services to African-American students who are pursuing higher education in an accredited four-year college or university.  While we do not have a lot of history as an organization, the Foundation plans to award 10 to 15 scholarships each year.  The Foundation believes that it is important to give back to help others.  We also hope that our award recipients will do the same by paying it forward when they are able to, regardless of how big or how small.


Smiling Eyes Foundation was named in honor of the Founder’s mother whose eyes were always filled with pride because of the achievements of her kids, giving the impression that her eyes were smiling.


Assistance for the achievement of higher education.

Help Students

We provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships to the selected applicants.

Support Educational Organizations

We provide educational organizations with support to address needs such as funding, books, and computers.

Provide Mentoring

Students are paired with a mentor who provides guidance and motivation in exploring career choices and setting goals.


A few words from past awardees.

I would like to thank the Smiling Eyes Foundation for this generous scholarship because it offsets my tuition cost as I aspire to obtain a marketing degree.  I'm honored by this opportunity and extremely excited that foundations such as the Smiling Eyes supports educational advancements and the next generation for higher learning.

R. James

...By awarding me the Smiling Eyes Scholarship, I can concentrate on what is a huge goal for me finishing my education.  Thanks to you I am now one step closer that goal.  Your support reaffirms my career aspirations to help others as I go through life by giving back to the community...

A. Humphries